Find your vital energy and perceptiveness  to your body & soul

Qi Gong

Thanks to chinese healing exercise you will deepen your breath, clean meridians, get rid of blockages and find inner peace and joy of life.

Dance Movement Creation

I offer music-dance communication / dialogue to musicians. If you have a favourite music, poem or lyrics, I invite you to express them in movement.

Moving to joy and inner peace

I am creating a project and an FB group Pohybem k radosti a vnitřnímu klidu (Moving to Joy and Inner Peace) with the intention of inspiring and supporting women to work with their body, breathing, perception of feelings in the body and to work with their life energy.

Through natural movement to health & mental balance

Start today

Every morning you can practice hormonal yoga therapy or write three of thoughts that run through your mind when you wake up.

In the afternoon or evening you can practice 8 pieces of brocade, 18 forms of the tai chi, Taoist exercises to heal the cervical spine or exercises to streghthen the liver, gallbladder, eyes and increase your energy potential.