„The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.“  Isadora Duncan

About me

I graduated at the University of Economics, Prague. I have been working for Siemens since 2001. I have been dancing since I was seven. I am a member of the NaDotek dance group (Zdeňka Bartošová). In the years 2012-2014 I studied at the School of Natural Healing and Qi Gong with Michaela Sklářová. I have two children. During maternity leave, I lead dance classes for preschool children in FC Pexeso, at the Yamaha music school I led mothers with babies and children, I led modern dance class for women. My husband and I, we are engaged in ballroom dancing. I participated in 4 steps to freedom and Full potential opening at the Academy of inner peace with Radomír Němeček. I am on the Path of Inner Peace.

I dance, so I am. And that´s why I decided to go out and show myself to the world. Follow the voice of my soul and live myself.

If you are attracted by the connection with your own breath, finding inner peace, you like to experiment and you are looking for your artistic self-expression, I will be happy to see you :-).